What is spilt rate?

Running such a site does of cause cost some money. Every month we need to pay for:
- Payment gateway fee (15.5% of all sales to Verotel) so members can join the site
- Private server for your website
- Bandwidth used on website
- Domain name (com, net or org yearly based)
- Our programmer, who will keep developing on your CMS to offer you the best solutions
- Our designer, how will create the site
- Keep your site secure
- Customer service / support
- and what else comes

The reason why we can do this free of charge for you, is we need to cover the cost of the website by the income of the website. Therefore we need to split the income of the site 70/30. This means when a guy pays $30/month for being a member of your website, you get $21 and we get $9.

It costs of cause a lot more then $9/month to run such a website, but we hope that your site will generate enough to pay all the fees, so it will be a good business for you and for us. Anyway in the mean time where you site does not earn enough to cover the fees, we will pay them for you. This way the site will never cost you anything beside the start up fee and you will still earn on it. We will pay you on a monthly basis as we get paid from our payment gateway Verotel. We will pay you by PayPal or how you want it.

If you do not prefer to pay the split rate we can change over to a flat rate fee on $199/month.