Welcome to Adult Webdesign

We are a company that helps you make your "adult" dreams come try. We will help and guide you from the early start, under the process creating your site and keep supporting you, when your site is up and running - We will be there for you, thats why you should choose us! Below and on the next pages, you can read much more about what we can offer and why we can do it so cheap for you. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your adult membership site

Building incredibly profitable Adult Membership Sites is what we do best. With membership-based websites being a multi-billion dollar industry each year, now is a better time than ever to get your Adult website on the web and sign up paying users. Our membership sites are custom made to order with unique design or template based design, manageable membership systems, members only content areas, Video On Demand (VOD), easy adult content administration, and a lot more!

Why should I start a membership site?

Do you have adult content, like to show off and have fun with it? If that is you, you absolutely need your own adult website, with an adult membership system - It's that simple! And did we mention profitable? With the billions in revenue made each year from serving adult material or adult only content, Adult Webdesign can safely say that some of the most profitable websites we have created thrive off of memberships. We have made all type of adult websites since 2003, most of them for girls just like you. They have generate between $500 - $5000/month some even a lot more, so what are you waiting for?

How to make money with my website

There are basically two common ways to make money by an adult website. You can use either one or use a combination of them both to make as much money as you possibly can.

Adult membership sites

You can have a membership-based website, where the visitor can sign up for a membership and pay securely with his credit card. You can set up different levels of membership with different pricing that allows the members to access specific areas and features of the site. When the guys join the site, they can choose to pay for a single month or recurring billing so they auto pay you each month.

Selling your stuff!

Another great money-maker is to offer your visitors used lingerie, bikini, pantyhose, etc. on your site. We can easily set up an auction page or a storefront and shopping cart on your site so you can start sell anything you want.

Ready to start ?

Before we can start, you need to read the Terms of Agreement below and accept them. If you have any questions then please contact us as soon as possible so we can clarify your questions.

Terms of Agreement

What we can offer you , is a complete adult membership website ready to use. The only thing you need to add is the content and you will be ready to go. We can also help you adding your content. We will create the site for you for a small one time fee - this means you will NEVER need to pay us after you have ordered the design package. You can read more about our price structure and how the concept works HERE.
The offer includes:
- Complete website with more than 20 suppages like photo and movie archive page
- Webdesign using our photos and movies designed on our templates or custom made design
- Payment gateway to sell memberships and items
- Our own Content Management System© (CMS) special designed for adult websites
- Your own domain name (private domain name registration)
- Dedicated web hosting 10GB
- 50GB Bandwidth / month
- ... and much more!

Running such a site does of cause cost some money. Every month we need to pay for:
- Payment gateway fee (15.5% of all sales to Verotel) so members can join the site
- Private server for your website
- Bandwidth used on website
- Domain name (com, net or org yearly based)
- Our programmer, who will keep developing on your CMS to offer you the best solutions
- Our designer, how will create the site
- Keep your site secure
- Customer service / support
- and what else comes

Anyway we can do this for you, without you have to pay us a monthly fee. But to cover the monthly cost of the website, we need to share the income of the website. Therefore we need to split the income of the site 70/30. This means when a guy pays $30 to join the site, you get $21 and we get $9.

It costs of cause a lot more then $9/month to run such a website, but we hope that your site will generate enough to pay all the fees, so it will be a good business for you and for us. Anyway in the time where you site does not earn enough to cover the fees, we will pay them for you. This way the site will never cost you anything and you will still earn on it. We will pay you on a monthly basis as we get paid from our payment gateway Verotel. We will pay you by PayPal or how you want it.

You can at ANY TIME cancel the agreement with us and ask us to close down your site* and remove it from our server.
You are the owner of the website, you are hiring us to maintenance your website. You are responsible for adding content to the site and the content on the site.
You own the design of the website, but the codes behind the site (our Content Management System© ) is owned by us and will not be handled over to you if you cancel the agreement.

* If asking us to close down the site we can do that, but we cannot close down the members area before ALL recurring billings had been stopped. This is to prevent charge backs from members banks.
When a site is closed down everything will be removed from the server, only the members area will remain until there are no more paying members. This also means that, it will not be possible to join or see the site online anymore - only for members until membership ends.

What happens next

When you click the button "I'm ready to start the project" you will be taken to the next page, where you must enter some informations we need from you, before we can start the work on your website.

Some of our work

These are some of our most recent website launches. However, this is just a sample of the Adult Websites we create for our customers. In truth, we builds many more sites than we can feature here. Our clients include customers from all types of adult-oriented businesses from all over the world. We have created adult sites to feature content, to sell services, webshops, forums, etc - it all depends on what you need. But no matter what that might be, Adult Webdesign can deliver it!

Why Us?

Adult Webdesign is 100% dedicated to offering you quality services. The final product matters everything. Our goal it to utilize our design skills and deliver quality websites and premium services.

Service List

  • Adult Pay Site Design incl. CMS and hosting
  • Adult E-commerce and Auction Website
  • Adult Landing Page, Blog Page, Banner Design
  • Adult Mobile Website Design
  • Adult Photo Retouching
  • Adult Website Updates & Maintenance
  • Adult content for your website
  • ... and a lot more!

Your Success Is Our Success

Our goal is to help you be incredibly successful with your adult businesses. We know that once we've done that and have gained your trust as a valued advisor, you're likely to be a customer as long as you're in the business. And THAT is exactly what we want. Contact us today and let's get started!